Relapsing Fever

Relapsing fever is an infection caused by certain bacteria in the genus Rickettsia and Borrelia.
It is a vector-borne disease transmitted through the bites of lice or soft-bodied ticks (genus Ornithodoros).

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... persulcatus (Asia)) Endemic to North America and Eurasia Symptoms Fever, arthritis, neuroborreliosis, erythema migrans, cranial nerve palsy, carditis, fatigue, and influenza like ... Treatment Antibiotics Relapsing fever (Tick-borne relapsing fever, different from Lyme disease due to different Borrelia species and ticks) Organisms Borrelia species Such as Borrelia hermsii, Borrelia parkeri ... Treatment antibiotics are the treatment for relapsing fever, with doxycycline, tetracycline, or erythromycin being the treatment of choice ...
... of spirochetes most notable for the genus that causes Lyme disease and relapsing fever ... Neuroborreliosis Borrelia recurrentis (Louse borne relapsing fever) Borrelia hermsii/Borrelia duttoni/Borrelia parkeri (Tick borne relapsing fever) Leptospiraceae Leptospira Leptospira interrogans (Leptospiro ...