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Oracle Database - Physical and Logical Structures - Storage - Disk Files
... Disk files primarily consist of the following types Data and index files These files are necessary for the physical storage, which can consist of the data dictionary data (associated to the ... These files can be managed manually or managed by Oracle itself ("Oracle-managed files") ... Redo log files consisting of all changes to the database, used to recover from an instance failure ...
Log - Places
... Canada Log Valley, Saskatchewan, a settlement in the rural municipality of Morse No. 165 Russia Log, Russia, the name of several rural localities in Russia Slovenia Log, Kranjska Gora, a settlement in the Municipality of Kranjska Gora Log ...
Log Lady - Character Overview
... The Log Lady is a fixture in the town of Twin Peaks by the time of Laura Palmer's murder, and most residents in the town regard her as crazy ... This is mainly due to her habit of always carrying a small log in her arms, with which she seems to share a psychic connection, often dispensing advice and ... The Log Lady does not interpret the messages transmitted by the log, but instead functions as a medium for the information it conveys ...
Idrijski Log
... Idrijski Log (Italian Loga d'Idria) is a dispersed settlement on the right bank of the upper course of the Idrijca River in the hills south of Idrija in the traditional Littoral ... In addition to the settlement of Idrijski Log itself, it also includes the hamlets of KoŇ°evnik and Na Pevcu ...
Redo Log - Usage
... complete" message, the system must first successfully write the new or changed data to a redo log file ... All changes included in the transaction are first written into the log buffer ... Of course, when a transaction commits, the redo log buffer must be flushed to disk, because otherwise the recovery for that commit could not be guaranteed ...

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