Ready Queue

Some articles on queues, queue, ready queue, ready:

Burroughs MCP - Process Management
... "Queued." There is a period of time while the Job resides in one of several user defined Job Queues ... The next state is "Scheduled" as the Job moves from a queue into memory ... Tasks within a job do not wait in queue instead going directly to the 'Scheduled' state when initiated ...
Burroughs Large Systems - Stack Architecture
... The current process is placed in the appropriate queue for the resource being requested, or the ready queue waiting for the processor if this is a preemptive context switch ... The operating system determines the first process in the ready queue and invokes the instruction move_stack, which makes the process at the head of the ready queue active ...
Real-time Operating Systems - Scheduling
... In typical designs, a task has three states Running (executing on the CPU) Ready (ready to be executed) Blocked (waiting for an event, I/O for ... Most tasks are blocked or ready most of the time because generally only one task can run at a time per CPU ... The number of items in the ready queue can vary greatly, depending on the number of tasks the system needs to perform and the type of scheduler that the system uses ...

Famous quotes containing the words queue and/or ready:

    English people apparently queue up as a sort of hobby. A family man might pass a mild autumn evening by taking the wife and kids to stand in the cinema queue for a while and then leading them over for a few minutes in the sweetshop queue and then, as a special treat for the kids, saying “Perhaps we’ve time to have a look at the Number Thirty-One bus queue before we turn in.”
    Calvin Trillin (b. 1940)

    It’s alive and waiting for you. Ready to kill you if you go too far. The sun will get you, or the cold at night. A thousand ways the desert can kill.
    Harry Essex (b. 1910)