Raw Material

A raw material is the basic material from which a good product is manufactured or made, frequently used with an extended meaning. For example, the term is used to denote material that came from nature and is in an unprocessed or minimally processed state. Latex, iron ore, logs, and crude oil, Salt Water would be examples. The use of raw material by non-human species includes twigs and found objects as used by birds to make nests.

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Tinsmith - Raw Material
... The British Iron Act of 1750 prohibited (amongst other things) the erection of new rolling mills, which prevented the erection of new tinplate works in America until after the American Revolution ... Certificates submitted by colonial governors to the British Board of Trade following the Act indicate that no tinplate works then existed though there were several slitting mills, some described as slitting and rolling mills ...
Alaska Pollock - As Food
... are used throughout Europe and North America as the raw material for high quality breaded and battered fish products ... fillets or minced trim pieces may also be frozen in block forms and used as raw material for lower quality, low-cost breaded and battered fish sticks ... Single frozen Alaska pollock is considered to be the premier raw material for surimi the most common use of surimi in the United States is "imitation crabmeat ...
Bamboo Textiles - Modern Uses - Source of Raw Material
... Association) To strictly control the quality of raw material, Hebei Jigao Chemical Fiber Company has built its own bamboo plantation in Sichuan Province, China, and keeps strict control over ... means that every company working with bamboo starts with the same raw material and that this material is not contaminated ...
Gelatin - Production - Pretreatments
... If the physical material that will be used in production is derived from bones, dilute acid solutions are used to remove calcium and similar salts ... Maximum fat content of the material should not exceed 1% before the main extraction step ... If the raw material is hides and skin, size reduction, washing, removing hair from the hides, and de-greasing are the most important pretreatments used to make the hides and ...

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    Knowledge in the form of an informational commodity indispensable to productive power is already, and will continue to be, a major—perhaps the major—stake in the worldwide competition for power. It is conceivable that the nation-states will one day fight for control of information, just as they battled in the past for control over territory, and afterwards for control over access to and exploitation of raw materials and cheap labor.
    Jean François Lyotard (b. 1924)

    In how few words, for instance, the Greeks would have told the story of Abelard and Heloise, making but a sentence of our classical dictionary.... We moderns, on the other hand, collect only the raw materials of biography and history, ‘memoirs to serve for a history,’ which is but materials to serve for a mythology.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)