Quarter Sessions

The Courts of Quarter Sessions or Quarter Sessions were local courts traditionally held at four set times each year in the United Kingdom and other countries in the former British Empire. They generally sat in the seat of each county and county borough.

Quarter Sessions were abolished in England and Wales in 1972, when the Courts Act 1971 replaced them together with the Courts of Assize (Assizes) with a single permanent Crown Court of England and Wales. They were abolished in Scotland in 1975 and replaced with District Courts and subsequently Justice of the Peace Courts.

The Quarter Sessions were named after the four annual meetings they held in England and Wales from 1388. These days were later settled as Epiphany, Easter, Midsummer (The Translation of St. Thomas) and Michaelmas sessions.

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... Quarter Sessions were also held in the colony of New South Wales ... existed in North American colonies, sometimes known as Courts of General Sessions, and were held in Pennsylvania until the constitution of that Commonwealth was rewritten in 1968 and the courts ... In India and Malaysia, the Quarter Sessions have evolved into permanent Sessions courts ...
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... administrations until 1814, with East Kent sessions meeting at Canterbury, and West Kent at Maidstone, the over-all county town ... In 1787 the Lancashire Quarter Sessions decreed that in future the annual general sessions for transacting all business for the county at large should be held at Preston as it was "a ... Knights of the Shire were elected at Brentford sessions presided over by Middlesex Justices of the Peace were held at Clerkenwell trials for persons accused of the most serious crimes took place in the ...
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... to that of the superior Courts of England Courts of General and Quarter Sessions which could deal with “crimes and misdemeanours not punishable by death” Courts of Requests in Sydney and the ... Courts of Quarter Sessions were also few in number and had no civil jurisdiction ... of a District Court Judge as Chairman of any Court of Quarter Sessions or General Sessions, to be held within the limits of the District for which that Judge was appointed ...
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... Sir Thomas Noon Talfourd in their book, Dickinson's Guide to the Quarter Sessions and Other Sessions of the Peace provide a snapshot of the clerk's role in 1841 ... appointed to assist the justices assembled in Quarter Sessions, to hear and determine felonies and trespasses ... He was responsible to the justices in session for the due performance of its duties ...

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