Puerto Rican Cuisine

Puerto Rican cuisine has its roots in the cooking traditions and practices of Europe (Spain), Africa and the Amerindian Taínos. In the latter part of the 19th century, the cuisine of Puerto Rico was greatly influenced by the United States in the ingredients used in its preparation. Puerto Rican cuisine has transcended the boundaries of the island, and can be found in several countries outside the archipelago.

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... In Puerto Rico, dumplings are made of grated tubers such as yucca and malanga with added calabaza, unripe bananas and plantains mixed with flour ... This dumplings are a traditional part in Puerto Rican style pigeon pea soup ... Another dumpling that originated in Puerto Rico is the pasteles, a dumpling made of grated taro, potatoes, calabaza, unripe plantains, and unripe bananas ...
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... Cuchifritos, often known as "Puerto Rican soul food" includes a variety of dishes, including, but not limited to morcilla (blood sausage), chicharron (fried ... The word jíbaro in Puerto Rico means a man from the countryside, especially a small landowner or humble farmer from far up in the mountains ...
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