Prowse may refer to

  • Albert Prowse (1858-1925), Canadian political figure
  • Andrew Prowse (fl. 1980s-present), Australian film and TV director
  • Benjamin Charles Prowse (1862-1930), Canadian political figure
  • Daniel Woodley Prowse (1834-1914), Canadian political figure
  • David Prowse (born 1935), British athlete and actor
  • David Prowse (politician) (b. 1941), Australian political figure
  • Edgar Prowse (1905-1977), Australian political figure
  • George Prowse (1896-1918), British sailor who won a Victoria Cross in World War I
  • Heydon Prowse (b. 1981), British journalist and actor
  • Ian Prowse (fl. 1990s-present), British musician
  • James Harper Prowse (1913-1976), Canadian political figure
  • Jane Prowse(fl. 1990s-present), US playwright and author
  • John Prowse (1871-1944), Australian political figure
  • Juliet Prowse (1936-1996), South African-American dancer and actress
  • Lemuel Prowse (1858-1925), Canadian political figure
  • Philip Prowse (b. 1937), Scottish theatre director
  • Robert Henry Prowse (1828-1924), Canadian political figure
  • Samuel Prowse (1835-1902), Canadian political figure
  • Thomas William Lemuel Prowse (1888-1973), Canadian political figure
  • William Prowse (1752-1826), British naval officer
  • William Jeffrey Prowse (1839-1870), British author
  • USS Prowse (PF-92), a United States Navy patrol frigate that was transferred to the United Kingdom while under construction; served in the Royal Navy as HMS Zanzibar (K596) from 1944 to 1946
  • Keith Prowse, the name of two different trading companies

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Lemuel E. Prowse
... Lemuel Ezra Prowse (February 2, 1858 – December 17, 1925) was a merchant and political figure in Prince Edward Island ... born in Charlottetown, the son of William Prowse, and educated there ... Prowse ran unsuccessfully for a federal seat in 1904 he was defeated when he ran for reelection in 1911 ...
Benjamin Charles Prowse
... Benjamin Charles Prowse (10 December 1862 – 22 February 1930) was a Canadian merchant and politician ... He was born near Charlottetown, the son of William Prowse and attended public school there ... By 1886, Prowse had become junior partner in his brother's firm ...
Japandroids - History - Early Years (2006–2008)
... Japandroids was formed in 2006 by Brian King (guitar, vocals) and David Prowse (drums, vocals) ... In 2003, Prowse moved to Vancouver, transferring to Simon Fraser University ... Heavily influenced by the raw and energetic recordings of The Sonics, King and Prowse began writing and recording music in 2006, hoping to emulate the same style ...
Personal Relationships Of Frank Sinatra - Relationships - Juliet Prowse
... Sinatra was also engaged to South African-born actress and dancer Juliet Prowse for a short while from fall 1961 to early 1962, before Sinatra broke the ...