Pro FIT-MAP Methodology

Pro FIT-MAP Methodology

ProFIT-MAP is a business methodology for improving organizational performance and managing execution. Its objective is to help organizations achieve their cost and operational targets. It does this by identifying the relevant parameters that managers can control, linking them to the business objectives, showing which changes will be effective, and creating an execution roadmap that will achieve the objectives.

For any business improvement challenge, ProFIT-MAP answers four important management questions. Managers then use this information as an input into their decision making process.

  1. Can it be done? Is it possible? If not, then what additional capabilities are needed?
  2. Will it be profitable?
  3. What is the impact of my decision across the product mix and the functional capabilities of the organization?
  4. How do I transform operations from point A to point B? That is, what is the operational roadmap for achieving the business objectives?

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