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States Department
... The States Department, later States Ministry, was a department of the Government of India headed by the Minister of States ... Its responsibility was to deal with the princely states and manage their relationship with independent India ... between the British Crown and British India on the one side and the princely states on the other ...
Political Integration Of India - Completing Integration - Four-step Integration - Centralisation and Constitutionalisation
... still left open one important distinction between the former princely states and the former British provinces, namely, that since the princely states had signed limited Instruments of Accession covering only ... the same degree of powers over the former princely states as it had over the former British provinces ... Menon, a meeting was held in Delhi between the Rajpramukhs of the princely unions and the States Department, at the end of which the Rajpramukhs signed new Instruments of Accession which gave the ...
List Of Zamindari Estates In Madras Presidency - Zamindaris in 1877-1920
... survey, a few of these zamindaris were larger than some of the smaller princely states in the Presidency ... Sivaganga, Ramnad and Sivaganga being demoted princely states, were larger in size than the princely states of Cochin or Pudukkottai ... miles (6,090 km2), and was second only to Travancore amongst princely states in Madras Presidency ...
Sambalpur - History
... He states that, 8,000 people were at work in these mines at the time of his visit, in the dry season at the beginning of February ... Sambalpur to the Chauhan king, Jayant Singh but his authority over the other princely states were taken out ... Sambalpur, 'Narayan Singh', died in 1849 without a direct male heir, the British seized the state under the Doctrine of Lapse ...
Timeline Of Major Famines In India During British Rule - Timeline
... between 1765 and 1947 Year Name of famine (if any) British territory Indian kingdoms/Princely states Mortality 1769–70 Great Bengal Famine Bihar, Northern and Central Bengal 10 million (about one third of the then ... Ajmer, Western Agra, Eastern Punjab Rajputana 1.5 million (mostly in the princely states of Rajputana) 1873–74 Bihar famine of 1873–74 Bihar An extensive ... Mortality unknown for princely states ...

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