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Pro Electron - Semiconductor Diodes and Transistors
... denotes the intended use 2nd letter Usage Example A Low power/small signal diode AA119, BA121 B Varicap diode BB105G C Small signal transistor, RthG ... BR100 S Low-power switching transistor, bipolar or MOSFET, RthG > 15K/W BS170 T High-power control or switching device Thyristors, TRIACs, Silicon bidirectional switch ... BT138 U High-power switching transistors, bipolar or MOSFET, RthG ≤ 15K/W BU508, BUZ11 V Antenna W Surface acoustic wave device X Frequency multiplier Varactor, Step recovery diode Y High-power ...
Push–pull Converter - Transistors
... N-type and P-type power transistors can be used ... Power MOSFETs are often chosen for this role due to their high current switching capability and their inherently low ON resistance ... The gates or bases of the power transistors are tied via a resistor to one of the supply voltages ...

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