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Port (computer Networking) - Examples
... An example for the use of ports is the Internet mail system ... service application usually listens on TCP port 25 for incoming requests ... The POP service listens on TCP port number 110 ...
File Transfer Protocol - Protocol Overview - Communication and Data Transfer
... The numbers represent the code for the response and the optional text represents a human-readable explanation or request (e.g ... to the server and sends the server the client's IP address and an arbitrary client port number, and then waits until the server initiates the data connection over TCP to that client IP address and client port ... server and then receives a server IP address and server port number from the server, which the client then uses to open a data connection from an arbitrary client port to the server IP address and server port number ...
... The port mapper (rpc.portmap or just portmap, or rpcbind) is an Open Network Computing Remote Procedure Call (ONC RPC) service that runs on network nodes that provide other ONC ... Version 2 of the port mapper protocol maps ONC RPC program number/version number pairs to the network port number for that version of that program ... When an ONC RPC server is started, it will tell the port mapper, for each particular program number/version number pair it supports for a particular transport protocol (TCP or UDP ...
Network Address Translation - Specifications
... IEEE Reverse Address and Port Translation (RAPT, or RAT) allows a host whose real IP address is changing from time to time to remain reachable as a server via a fixed home IP address ... IETF RAPT (IP Reachability Using Twice Network Address and Port Translation) The RAT device maps an IP datagram to its associated CN and 0MN by using three additional ... TCP port number or ICMP echo request/reply ID field) ...

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