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Reinforcement Learning - Algorithms For Control Learning - Direct Policy Search
... An alternative method to find a good policy is to search directly in (some subset) of the policy space, in which case the problem becomes an instance of stochastic optimization ... Gradient-based methods (giving rise to the so-called policy gradient methods) start with a mapping from a finite dimensional (parameter) space to the space of policies given the parameter vector ... Policy gradient methods have received a lot of attention in the last couple of years (e.g ...

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    Professor Eucalyptus said, “The search
    For reality is as momentous as
    The search for god.” It is the philosopher’s search
    For an interior made exterior
    And the poet’s search for the same exterior made
    Interior: breathless things broodingly abreath....
    Wallace Stevens (1879–1955)

    If matrimony be really beneficial to society, the custom that ... married women alone are allowed any claim to place, is as useful a piece of policy as ever was invented.... The ridicule fixed on the appellation of old maid hath, I doubt not, frightened a very large number into the bonds of wedlock.
    Sarah Fielding (1710–1768)