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Space Interferometry Mission - Mission - Planet Hunting
... would be the most powerful extrasolar planet hunting space telescope ever built ... spacecraft would be able to detect Earth-sized planets ... SIM Lite will perform its search for nearby, Earth-like planets by looking for the "wobble" in the parent star's apparent motion as the planet orbits ...
Sagittarius Window Eclipsing Extrasolar Planet Search - See Also
... Experiment or OGLE also examines the galactic bulge for planets ... Baade's Window Exoplanets search projects Ground-based AAPS California and Carnegie Planet Search HAT HARPS, part of the Geneva Extrasolar Planet Search HARPS-N MEarth Project MOA OGLE ...

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    The search for the truth is the most important work in the whole world, and the most dangerous.
    James Clavell (b. 1924)

    Thus will the fondest dream of Phallic science be realized: a pristine new planet populated entirely by little boy clones of great scientific entrepeneurs ... free to smash atoms, accelerate particles, or, if they are so moved, build pyramids—without any social relevance or human responsibility at all.
    Barbara Ehrenreich (b. 1941)