PKG or Pkg may refer to

  • Package (disambiguation)
  • cGMP-dependent protein kinase
  • Pangkor Airport, which is assigned the IATA code USM
  • .pkg, a file format used by Apple to install applications and Sony's PlayStation 3 to install games onto the PS3's hard disk
  • the pkg Image Packaging System used to install the Solaris Operating systems and its applications

Other articles related to "pkg":

Pkg-config - Synopsis
... files (the exact directory is dependent upon your system and outlined in the pkg-config man page) ... Here is an example of usage of pkg-config while compiling gcc -o test test.c $(pkg-config --libs --cflags libpng) ...
Church Of God Preparing For The Kingdom Of God - Church History - Development
... Weinland founded the COG-PKG in 2000, drawing followers from UCG's Toledo congregation and ex-WCG members in Georgia and Texas ... The COG-PKG also has a number of members overseas who listen to recordings of the sermons the following Saturday ... warned that critics who mocked him or the COG-PKG would be divinely cursed with "a sickness that will eat them from the inside out" ...
CGMP-dependent Protein Kinase - Tissue Distribution
... In general, PKG-I and PKG-II are expressed in different cell types ... PKG-I has been detected at high concentrations (above 0.1 µmol/L) in all types of smooth muscle cells (SMCs) including vascular SMCs and in platelets ... Neurons express either the PKG-Iα or the PKG-Iβ isoform, platelets predominantly Iβ, and both isoforms are present in smooth muscle ...
Configure Script - Dependency Checking
... In new development, library dependency checking has been done in great part using pkg-config via the m4 macro, PKG_CHECK_MODULES ... Before pkg-config's gained popularity, separate m4 macros were created to locate files known to be included in the distribution of libraries depended upon ...
Gumdoksuri Class Patrol Vessel
... Gumdoksuri class patrol vessel (Hangul 검독수리급 고속함) also known as PKG class patrol vessel is a patrol ship of the Republic of Korea Navy ... The first being PKG-A or Yun Youngha class missile patrol ship (Hangul 윤영하급 고속함), and the second being PKG-B class patrol boat ...