Pip Skid

Pip Skid (born Patrick Skene, AKA Wicked Nut) is a Canadian rapper and writer, and a cornerstone of the successful Vancouver based independent hip hop label Peanuts & Corn. Originally hailing from Brandon, Manitoba, Pip is known in underground hip hop circles for his distinctive gravel-throated vocals, as well as his clever writing, scowling delivery, and angry outlook on life. He detests his bio photo, ferrets, hotdogs, and Winnipeg transit.

As a co-founder of landmark Canadian hip hop group Farm Fresh, as well as a member of other famed crews such as Fermented Reptile, Hip Hop Weiners, Taking Care of Business, and Break Bread, Pip has sold hundreds of millions of albums while starring on over a 150 albums since 1994, appearing on many more, and touring all over the world. His current album Skid Row peaked at #4 on the Canadian Hip Hop charts on May 1, 2010. This album follows in the footsteps of Funny Farm 2 which hit #3 on the hip hop charts and Funny Farm which hit #32 on the combined charts. His single Alone Again from the Funny Farm album achieved rotation on the national music network Much Music.

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