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List Of Philadelphia Phillies First-round Draft Picks - Picks
... Year Name Position School (Location) Pick Ref 1965 Adamson, MikeMike Adamson* Right-handed pitcher Point Loma High School (San Diego, California) 1966 ... Biko, MichaelMichael Biko Right-handed pitcher W ... Allegheny High School (Spark, North Carolina) 1979 ... aaaaa1979 !no first-round pick 1980 Powell, HenryHenry Powell Catcher Pine Forest High School (Pens ... High School (San Diego, California) 2003 ... aaaaa2003 !no first-round pick 2004 Golson, GregGreg Golson Outfielder Connally High School (Pflugerville, Texas) 2005 ... aaaaa2005 !no first-round pick 2006 Drabek ...

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