Phu Cat Air Base

Phu Cat Air Base is a Vietnam People's Air Force (VPAF) (Khong Quan Nhan Dan Viet Nam) military airfield in Vietnam. It is located 17.7 miles (28.5 km) northwest of Qui Nhon in Binh Dinh Province.

The base was one of four new major air bases constructed by the United States in 1966-1967 during the Vietnam War and it was used by the South Vietnamese Air Force (SVNAF) and the United States Air Force during the Vietnam War in the II Corps Tactical Zone of South Vietnam.

It was seized by the Vietnam People's Army in April 1975 and has been in use by the VPAF ever since. Along with its use as a military airfield, a regional civilian airport operates from the facility, serving Qui Nhon.

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