Phantom Limbs

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Neuroplasticity - Neurobiology - Cortical Maps
... An interesting phenomenon involving cortical maps is the incidence of phantom limbs ... Phantom limbs are experienced by people that have undergone amputations in hands, arms, and legs, but it is not limited to extremities ... Although the neurological basis of phantom limbs is still not entirely understood it is believed that cortical reorganization plays an important role ...
Body Schema - Associated Disorders - Phantom Limb
... Phantom limbs are a phenomenon which occurs following amputation of a limb from an individual ... In 90–98% of cases, amputees report feeling all or part of the limb or body part still there, taking up space ... The amputee may perceive a limb under full control, or paralyzed ...
Neuroplasticity - Applications and Examples - Phantom Limbs
... The experience of Phantom limbs is a phenomenon in which a person continues to feel pain or sensation within a part of their body which has been amputated ... for this refers to the concept of neuroplasticity, as the cortical maps of the removed limbs are believed to have become engaged with the area around them in the postcentral gyrus ... being misinterpreted by the area of the cortex formerly responsible for the amputated limb ...

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