Personal Idealism

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Idealist - Objective Idealism - Pluralistic Idealism
... Pluralistic idealism such as that of Gottfried Leibniz takes the view that there are many individual minds that together underlie the existence of the observed world and make possible the existence of the physical ... Unlike absolute idealism, pluralistic idealism does not assume the existence of a single ultimate mental reality or "Absolute" ... Leibniz' form of idealism, known as Panpsychism, views "monads" as the true atoms of the universe and as entities having perception ...
George Holmes Howison - Personal Idealism
... Illustrating the Metaphysical Theory of Personal Idealism” (reprinted 1905), wherein he supported, amongst much else, these two positions Furthermore, attesting to the grand scope intended by the philosophy of “pers ...
California Personalism
... George Holmes Howison taught a metaphysical theory called Personal Idealism which was also called "California Personalism" by others to distinguish it from another type of Personalism called "Boston Personalism"(see ... maintained that both impersonal, monistic idealism and materialism run contrary to the moral freedom experienced by persons ... Thus, even Personalistic Idealism Borden Parker Bowne and Edgar S ...

Famous quotes containing the words idealism and/or personal:

    The idealism of Berkeley is only a crude statement of the idealism of Jesus, and that again is a crude statement of the fact that all nature is the rapid efflux of goodness executing and organizing itself.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    No Vice or Wickedness, which People fall into from Indulgence to Desires which are natural to all, ought to place them below the Compassion of the virtuous Part of the World; which indeed often makes me a little apt to suspect the Sincerity of their Virtue, who are too warmly provoked at other Peoples personal Sins.
    Richard Steele (1672–1729)