• (noun): (Roman Catholic Church) a person who repents for wrongdoing (a Roman Catholic may be admitted to penance under the direction of a confessor).
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African Rite - Ante-Nicene Period - Penance
... public penances imposed for grievous sins, and the absolution of the penitents after the public penances had been completed to the satisfaction of the Church ... of the Pope and the Roman Church, who did not deny absolution to any truly penitent Christian ... Callixtus, also describes seriously the manner in which a penitent sinner was absolved and readmitted into communion with the faithful ...
Priest–penitent Privilege - United Kingdom
... Main article Priest–penitent privilege in the UK See also Priest–penitent privilege in England from the Reformation to the nineteenth century and Public Interest ...
Latae Sententiae - Remission
... If a penitent finds it burdensome to remain in grave sin for the duration of the time necessary for obtaining remission by the competent authority from an undeclared latae ...
Priest–penitent Privilege In England
... The doctrine of priest–penitent privilege does not appear to apply in English law ... A statement of the law on priest–penitent privilege is contained in the nineteenth century case of Wheeler v ... Communications made to a priest in the confessional on matters perhaps considered by the penitent to be more important than his life or his fortune, are not protected ...
Seal Of The Confessional And The Anglican Church - Current Position - Church of England Legislation
... holds even after the death of the penitent ... may not refer to what has been learnt in confession, even to the penitent, unless explicitly permitted." and add at section 7.4 "If a penitent's behaviour gravely ...

More definitions of "penitent":

  • (adj): Feeling or expressing remorse for misdeeds.
    Synonyms: repentant