Pendulum Swing

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Foucault Pendulum Vector Diagrams
... Several vector diagrams are often used to demonstrate the physics underlying the Foucault pendulum ... Diagrams are provided to illustrate a pendulum located at the North Pole, equator, and 45 degrees N to show how the rotation of Earth in relation to the pendulum is observed, or not ... to convey information regarding the interaction of the two moving objects, the swinging pendulum and the rotating Earth ...
Escapements - Accuracy
... If this is a pendulum, then the period of swing of the pendulum determines the accuracy ... If the pendulum rod is made of metal it will expand and contract with heat, shortening or lengthening the pendulum this changes the time taken for a swing ... Special alloys are used in expensive pendulum-based clocks to minimize this distortion ...
Foucault Pendulum Vector Diagrams - Relative Motion of The Plane of The Pendulum Swing To The Surface of The Earth
... of the Earth in relation to the plane of the pendulum swing there must be a basic difference in the two types of motion that are being compared ... able to 'observe' the change in position of the Earth in relation to the pendulum swing and (2) the time to observe a complete 'relative rotation ... The central axis of the pendulum aligns with the axis of rotation of the Earth ...

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    Neither moral relations nor the moral law can swing in vacuo. Their only habitat can be a mind which feels them; and no world composed of merely physical facts can possibly be a world to which ethical propositions apply.
    William James (1842–1910)

    The pendulum oscillates between these two terms: Suffering—that opens a window on the real and is the main condition of the artistic experience, and Boredom ... that must be considered as the most tolerable because the most durable of human evils.
    Samuel Beckett (1906–1989)