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Smar Jbeil - Patriarchs
... Under Patriarch Michael Rizzi, the monastery of Saint Anthony the Great in Qozhaya (From Aramaic the living Treasure) knew a revival, and later in 1610 the same monastery received the ...
Catholic Church Hierarchy - Bishop - Patriarchs
... Churches consisting of several local Churches (dioceses) have the title of Patriarch ... The Pope himself was also called the Patriarch of the West, as head of the Latin Rite or Western particular Church, but this title is no longer in use ... Eastern patriarchs are elected by the synod of bishops of their particular Church ...

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    Like many another romance, the romance of the family turns sour when the money runs out. If we really cared about families, we would not let “born again” patriarchs send up moral abstractions as a smokescreen for the scandal of American family economics.
    Letty Cottin Pogrebin (20th century)