Patil (Marathi: पाटील) (meaning "head" or "chief") is an Indian title or lastname. The Mughals, Aadils and in the time of Shivaji Maharaj, Patil was the title given to a person who was granted a territory of land. The granted territory is usually referred to as the patilki or Watan. The Patil was in effect the ruler of the territory, as he was entitled to the collected revenues. Many Patils were warriors in the Maratha army. Patil is last name in Maratha (land lords) also it is given the surname to gujar patil or a leva patil or only patil to of others in rest of Maharashtra.

"Patil" is predominantly used by Inhabitants of Deccan Maratha people Maharashtra. The native language of most Patils is predominantly either Marathi language. Traditionally, the Patils being the head of the village had people like the Talati or Kulkarni to assist them in doing clerical work for the collection of revenue in their areas of control.

This surname is found amongst Hindus. A man who bought his relatives and opened land became the Patil or the village chief. He in essence owned the village land and granted it to others. A Patil generally owned about 30-40 percent of land in the village. His job was to collect revenue from the entire village and submit it to the royal treasury. He not only acted as a revenue officer but as a judicial head in the village. As the chieftain of the village.Besides this the Patil was responsible for defence of the village, tracing every crime in the village and provide protection to the village. The Patil was also awarded with rent free lands or Inam. A Patil also received Patilkis (village chief rights).

Among prominent Patils were the Royal Bhonsle (or Bhosle) family. Shivaji Maharaj's grandfather Maloji Bhosle was a Patil of villages near Daund in Pune and verul (ellora) near Aurangabad. Other prominent Patils included the Royal Gaikwad family, who were Patils of Lalvan in Malegaon Taluka, the Royal Shinde family were Patils of village Kanherkhed in Satara, the Royal Chambahrepatil of Palsoda Village At Malkapur Taluka and most royal clans were Patils. Maharashtra was and is currently dominated by Maratha Patils. All the patils dominate the politics of Maharashtra.

The term Police Patil was used by the East India Company, but it is not related to the Watandar Patils that were granted territory by Shivaji Maharaj or Mughals and Aadils.

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