Partition Table

The term partition table is most commonly associated with the MBR partition table of a Master Boot Record (MBR) in IBM PC compatibles, but it may be used generically to refer to other "formats" that divide a disk drive into partitions, such as: GUID Partition Table (GPT), Apple partition map (APM), or BSD disklabel.

An alternative term to generically refer to partition table is partition map.

Other articles related to "partition table, partition, partitions, partition tables":

Logical Disk Manager - Partition Table Types
... ID (GUID Partition Table and MBR Partition Table) Description GPT 5808C8AA-7E8F-42E0-85D2-E1E90434CFB3 MBR None1 "metadata" partition ... MBR 0x42 "data" partition. 1 On a disk partitioned with the MBR Partition Table scheme, the Logical Disk Manager metadata are not stored in a partition, but are stored in a 1MiB area at the end ...
Master Boot Record - System Bootstrapping
... These boot sectors expect the fdisk partition table scheme to be in use, and scans the list of partitions in the MBR's embedded partition table to find the only one that is ... It then loads and runs the Volume Boot Record (VBR) of the active partition ... it assumes to be "free" space that is not allocated to any disk partition, and executes it ...
GUID Partition Table
... In computer hardware, GUID Partition Table (GPT) is a standard for the layout of the partition table on a physical hard disk ... PC BIOS), it is also used on some BIOS systems because of the limitations of MBR partition tables, which use 32 bits for storing logical block addresses and size information ... For disks with 512-byte sectors, the MBR partition table entries allow up to a maximum of 2.20 TB (2.20 × 1012 bytes) or 2 TiB−512 bytes (2,199,023,255,040 bytes or 4,294,967,295 (232−1 ...
Master Boot Record - Programming Considerations
... such as verifying that the MBR contains a valid partition table without entries referring to sectors beyond the reported capacity of the disk. 72 bytes of the 512 byte MBR are reserved for the partition table and other information, so the MBR boot sector program must be small enough to fit within 440 bytes of ... The MBR code may communicate with the user, examine the partition table ...

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