Origin of The Serbs

Origin Of The Serbs

Serbs are a South Slavic people intermixed with Paleo-Balkan peoples upon their arrival to the Balkans in the 7th century. Many features of the Serbian cultural and linguistic origins can be traced back to the Migration Period of the Early Middle Ages. It was then, as the Serbs colonized the Eastern Roman Empire and in turn assimilating pre-Slavic peoples like the Illyrians. They live today mainly in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Croatia. There are opinions that ethnonym Serbs possibly has a different root. Various researchers provided several theories about the origin of the Serb ethnonym and their opinions are based on the data from historical sources that mentioning Serb ethnonym or other Serb-sounding names in other parts of the Old World. However, the connection between modern Serbs in the Balkans and some early historical data related to Serb-sounding names remains largely unproved and controversial.

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