Operation Phantom Thunder

Operation Phantom Thunder

Iraq War


  • 2003
  • 2004
  • 2005
  • 2006
  • 2007
  • 2008
  • 2009
  • 2010
  • 2011


  • Invasion
  • Post-invasion insurgency
  • Civil war
  • Insurgency 2008-2011
Battles and operations
of the Iraq War

Invasion (2003)

  • Umm Qasr
  • Al Faw
  • 1st Basra
  • Nasiriyah
  • Raid on Karbala
  • 1st Najaf
  • Northern Delay
  • Viking Hammer
  • Samawah
  • 1st Karbala
  • Al Kut
  • Hillah
  • Green Line
  • Karbala Gap
  • Baghdad
  • Debecka Pass
  • Kani Domlan Ridge

Post-invasion insurgency

  • Al Anbar
  • 1st Ramadan
  • Red Dawn
  • Spring 2004
  • 1st Fallujah
  • Sadr City
  • 1st Ramadi
  • Husaybah
  • 2nd Najaf
  • CIMIC-House
  • Samarra
  • 2nd Fallujah
  • Mosul
  • Lake Tharthar
  • Al Qaim
  • Hit
  • Haditha
  • Steel Curtain
  • Tal Afar
  • 2nd Ramadi
  • Together Forward
  • Diwaniya

Civil War

  • 2nd Ramadan
  • Sinbad
  • Amarah
  • Turki
  • Diyala
  • Haifa Street
  • Karbala Raid
  • 3rd Najaf
  • Imposing Law
  • U.K. bases
  • Black Eagle

Surge (2007)

  • Baghdad belts
  • Baqubah
  • Donkey Island
  • Shurta Nasir
  • Phantom Strike
  • 2nd Karbala
  • Phantom Phoenix

Insurgency (2008-2011)

  • 2008 Day of Ashura
  • Ninawa
  • Spring 2008
  • 2nd Basra
  • 2008 Al-Qaeda Offensive
  • Augurs of Prosperity
  • Abu Kamal


  • Palm Grove
Insurgent attacks of the
Iraq War

indicates attacks resulting in over 100 deaths
§ indicates the deadliest attack in the Iraq War
This list only includes major attacks.

1st Baghdad
2nd Baghdad
3rd Baghdad
1st Nasiriyah
1st Karbala
1st Basra
4th Baghdad
5th Baghdad
1st Baqubah
FOB Marez
‡ 1st Al Hillah
‡ Musayyib
6th Baghdad
7th Baghdad
1st Balad
‡ Karbala-Ramadi
1st Samarra
8th Baghdad
9th Baghdad
‡ 10th Baghdad
11th Baghdad
12th Baghdad
13th Baghdad
14th Baghdad
15th Baghdad
2nd Al Hillah
1st Tal Afar
16th Baghdad
17th Baghdad
2nd & 3rd Karbala
18th Baghdad
Abu Sayda
2nd Samarra
19th Baghdad
1st Kirkuk
20th Baghdad
21st Baghdad
§ Qahtaniya
22nd Baghdad
2nd Balad
23rd Baghdad
4th Karbala
24th Baghdad
2nd Baqubah
Balad Ruz
25th Baghdad
26th Baghdad
27th Baghdad
2nd Kirkuk
2nd Tal Afar
28th Baghdad
29th Baghdad
30th Baghdad
31st Baghdad
32nd Baghdad
3rd Baqubah
33rd Baghdad
34th Baghdad
35th Baghdad
1st Pan-Iraq
36th Baghdad
37th Baghdad
2nd Pan-Iraq
38th Baghdad
39th Baghdad
40th Baghdad
41st Baghdad
3rd Pan-Iraq
42nd Baghdad
3rd Al Hillah
3rd Samarra
Al Diwaniyah
4th Pan-Iraq
43rd Baghdad
4th Karbala
44th Baghdad
2nd Basra

Operation Phantom Thunder began on 16 June 2007, when Multi-National Force-Iraq launched major offensive operations against al-Qaeda and other extremist terrorists operating throughout Iraq. Operation Phantom Thunder was a corps level operation, including Operation Arrowhead Ripper in Diyala Province, Operation Marne Torch and Operation Commando Eagle in Babil Province, Operation Fardh al-Qanoon in Baghdad, Operation Alljah in Anbar Province, and continuing special forces actions against the Mahdi Army in southern Iraq and against Al-Qaeda leadership throughout the country. The operation was one of the biggest military operations in Iraq since the U.S. invasion in 2003.

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