Ontario Lacus

Ontario Lacus is a lake composed of methane, ethane and propane near the south pole of Saturn's moon Titan. Its character as a hydrocarbon lake was confirmed by observations from the Cassini spacecraft, published in the 31 July 2008 edition of Nature. Ontario Lacus has a surface area of about 15,000 square kilometers (5,800 sq mi), about 20% smaller than its terrestrial namesake, Lake Ontario in North America. In April 2012, it was announced that it may be more like a mudflat or salt pan.

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... Near Titan's south pole, an enigmatic dark feature named Ontario Lacus was identified (and later confirmed to be a lake) ... on Cassini confirmed the presence of liquid ethane beyond doubt in Ontario Lacus. 21, 2008, Cassini passed directly over Ontario Lacus and observed specular reflection in radar ...
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... In Titan's south polar region, an enigmatic dark feature named Ontario Lacus was the first suspected lake identified, possibly created by clouds that ... close Cassini flyby in December 2007 the visual and mapping instrument observed a lake, Ontario Lacus, in Titan's south polar region ... in infrared was seen off Jingpo Lacus, a lake near Kraken Mare ...