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Atmospheric Research

NOAA Research organizations conduct research on the upper and lower atmosphere as well as the space environment. Their findings form the basis for NOAA's contributions to major national and international environmental programs and agreements.

For instance, improvements in forecast and warning services provided by the National Weather Service are a direct result of NOAA research. Improvements in numerical modeling, observations gathered by satellites and Doppler weather radars (NEXRAD), and sophisticated weather warning and information processing and communications systems, have collectively led to significantly improved severe weather forecasts and warnings.

Other research programs focus on observation and study of the chemical and physical processes of the atmosphere, detecting the effects of pollution on those processes and monitoring and forecasting the phenomena affecting the Sun-Earth environment.

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Atmospheric Research

Atmospheric Research is a scientific journal dealing with the part of the atmosphere where meteorological events occur; intended for atmospheric scientists (such as meteorologists and climatologists), aerosol scientists, and hydrologists. It is a highly international journal with attention given to all processes extending from the earth surface to the tropopause, but special emphasis continues to be devoted to the physics of clouds and precipitation, i.e. atmospheric aerosols; microphysical processes; cloud dynamics and thermodynamics; numerical simulation of cloud processes; clouds and radiation; meso- and macrostructure of clouds and cloud systems, and weather modification..

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