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Agriculture In Turkey - Natural Resources - Nuclear Energy
... and ensure the continued raising of its living standard, Turkey plans to build several nuclear power plants ... the construction of experimental reactors, proposals to build large scale nuclear power plants were presented as early as in the 1950s by TAEK, but plans were ... Turkey has always chosen Candu nuclear reactors because they burn natural uranium which is cheap and available locally and because they can be refueled online ...
Nuclear Power Debate - Economics - Subsidies - Indirect Nuclear Insurance Subsidy
... Kristin Shrader-Frechette has said "if reactors were safe, nuclear industries would not demand government-guaranteed, accident-liability protection, as a condition for their generating electricity" ... fearsome liabilities arising from severe nuclear accidents" ... The potential costs resulting from a nuclear accident (including one caused by a terrorist attack or a natural disaster) are great ...
South Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant
... The South Ukraine Nuclear Power Station (Ukrainian Південноукраїнська АЕС, Russian Южно Украинская АЭС), is a ... The nuclear power station has three VVER-1000 reactors and a net generation capacity of 2,850 megawatts (MW) ... It is at present the second largest of five nuclear power stations in Ukraine ...
Anti-nuclear Movement In The United States - Emergence of The Movement - Emergence of The Anti-nuclear Power Movement
... Unexpectedly high costs in the nuclear weapons program created "...pressure on federal officials to develop a civilian nuclear power industry that could help justify the government's considerable expenditures ... Price-Anderson Act in 1957, which was, " implicit admission that nuclear power provided risks that producers were unwilling to assume without federal backing." The Price-Anderson Act "...shields nuclear ... planned to build the first commercially viable nuclear power plant in the USA at Bodega Bay, north of San Francisco ...
... (Russian Росэнергоатом) is the Russian nuclear power station operations subsidiary of Atomenergoprom. 1992 in Presidential decree 1055 "On operating organization of nuclear power plants in the Russian Federation" ... on 8 September 2001 all Russian civil nuclear power plants as well as all supporting companies were incorporated into Rosenergoatom ...

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