Noun Class


In linguistics, the term noun class refers to a system of categorizing nouns. A noun may belong to a given class because of characteristic features of its referent, such as sex, animacy, shape, but counting a given noun among nouns of such or another class is often clearly conventional. Some authors use the term "grammatical gender" as a synonym of "noun class", but others use different definitions for each (see below). Noun classes should not be confused with noun classifiers.

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Senegambian Languages - Noun Classes
... The West Atlantic languages are defined by their noun-class systems, which are similar to those found in other Niger–Congo languages, most famously the Bantu languages ... Most West Atlantic, and indeed Niger–Congo, noun-class systems are marked with prefixes, and linguists generally believe that this reflects the proto-Niger–Congo system ... branch of Senegambian, however, have noun-class suffixes, or combinations of prefixes and suffixes ...
List of Languages By Type of Noun Classification - Languages With Noun Classes
... Bantu languages such as Ganda ten classes called simply Class I to Class X and containing all sorts of arbitrary groupings but often characterised as people, long objects, animals, miscellaneous objects ... (Some linguists do not regard the noun-class system of this language as grammatical gender.) Fula (Fulfulde, Pulaar, Pular) ...
Supyire Language - Morphology - Class System
... The noun class system of Supyire is similar to that of other languages in the Niger–Congo family ... This system includes eight noun classes that are grouped into five noun genders ... While there is noun class agreement between pronouns and their head nouns, there is no verb agreement ...
Elamite Language - Grammar - Nominal Morphology
... The Elamite nominal system is thoroughly pervaded by a noun class distinction which combines a gender distinction between animate and inanimate with a personal class distinction ... -r can serve as a nominalizing suffix and indicate nomen agentis or just members of a class ... In noun phrases and pronoun phrases, the suffixes referring to the head are appended to the modifier, regardless of whether the modifier is another noun (such ...

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