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Hanbok - History - Antiquity
... The hanbok can trace its origin to nomadic clothing in the Scytho-Siberian cultural sphere of northern Asia, widespread in ancient times ... The earliest evidence of this common style of northern Asia can be found in the Xiongnu burial site of Noin Ula in northern Mongolia, and earliest evidence of hanbok's basic design features can be traced to ancient ... Reflecting its nomadic origins in northern Asia, hanbok was designed to facilitate ease of movement and also incorporated many shamanistic motifs ...
... A2 is more common in Northern Asia and North America than elsewhere, and it is part of a several long haplotypes ... A*02 is globally common, but A*0201 is at high frequencies in Northern Asia and North America ... A2 is the most diverse serotype, showing diversity in Eastern Africa and Southwest Asia ...
Sprachbund - Examples - Northern Asia
... Many linguists think the Mongolian, Turkic, and Manchu-Tungus families of northern Asia are genetically related, in a group they call Altaic, often also including Korean and Japanese ...
Periods of Military History - Ancient Warfare
... went on to conquer the Nanda Empire and unify Northern India ... Most of Southern Asia was unified under his grandson Ashoka the Great after the Kalinga War, though the empire collapsed not long after his reign ... by the Han Dynasty, which expanded into Central Asia, Northern China/Manchuria, Southern China, and present day Korea and Vietnam ...
North Asia - Geography - Geomorphology
... See also Geology of Asia The geomorphology of Asia in general is imperfectly known, although the deposits and mountain ranges are well known ... There is a southern boundary to this across the northern margin of the Alpine folds of Iran, Afghanistan, India, Nepal, and Bhutan, which at the east of Brahmaputra ... Northern Asia is built around the Angara Shield, which lies between the Yenisey River and the Lena River ...

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    So-called Western Civilization, as practised in half of Europe, some of Asia and a few parts of North America, is better than anything else available. Western civilization not only provides a bit of life, a pinch of liberty and the occasional pursuance of happiness, it’s also the only thing that’s ever tried to. Our civilization is the first in history to show even the slightest concern for average, undistinguished, none-too-commendable people like us.
    —P.J. (Patrick Jake)

    Sophocles long ago
    Heard it on the Aegaean, and it brought
    Into his mind the turbid ebb and flow
    Of human misery; we
    Find also in the sound a thought,
    Hearing it by this distant northern sea.
    Matthew Arnold (1822–1888)