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Newfoundland Base Command

  • RCAF Station Torbay, (Headquarters, Newfoundland Base Command)
411th Bombardment Squadron (NBC), 1 May–30 August 1941 (B-18 Bolo)
49th Bombardment Squadron (NBC), 13 December 1941 – June 1942 (B-18 Bolo)
429th Bombardment Squadron (NBC), 28 August 1941 – 29 October 1942 (B-18 Bolo)
847th Bombardment Squadron (later 20th Antisubmarine Squadron) (AAFAC), 29 October 1942 – 25 June 1943 (B-17 Flying Fortress)
  • RCAF Station Gander
19th Antisubmarine Squadron (AAFAC), 19 March–25 June 1943 (B-17 Flying Fortress)
6th Antisubmarine Squadron (AAFAC), 12 April–21 August 1943 (B-24 Liberator)
4th Antisubmarine Squadron (AAFAC), 8–23 June 1943 (B-24 Liberator)
  • Goose Bay Air Base, Labrador (Air Transport Command, North Atlantic Wing)

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