Nishada Kingdom

Nishada Kingdom

In the Mahabharata epic, the Nishada Kingdom (Sanskrit: निशाद niśāda) is the kingdom of the Nishada Tribe.

Ekalavya was a king of a Nishada tribe. He attacked Dwaraka once, and was killed by Vasudeva Krishna in the battle. This kingdom was located in Aravalli ranges in Rajasthan state of India, possibly the district named Bhilwara. Other than the kingdom of Ekalavya there were many other Nishada kingdoms.

Nishadha was the kingdom of the celebrated king Nala, who loved and married Damayanti the princess of Vidarbha Kingdom. This kingdom is identified with current day Gwalior district of Madhya Pradesh. Nishadha was connected to Dasarna and Kosala as well as with Vidarbha through trade routes.

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... Swords of excellent quality were manufactured in the country of the Nishadas ... The Utpalas, the Mekalas, the Paundras, the Kalingas, the Andhras, the Nishadas etc ... of a robber of the name of Kayavya, born of a Kshatriya father and a Nishada mother is mentioned at (12,134) ...

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