• (noun): A native or inhabitant of Niger.
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List Of Presidents Of The National Assembly Of Niger
... It operated from 1958, through independence in 1960, until the 1974 Nigerien coup d'état ... Following the 1996 Nigerien coup d'état the National Assembly was again suspended, and reinstituted in 1997 under the Fourth Republic ... Again, following the 1999 Nigerien coup d'état, the National Assembly was suspended, but this time was reconstituted within the year under the Fifth Republic ...
... (UDFP-Sawaba) is a political party in Niger, founded as the Nigerien Democratic Union in 1954 ... The original party, founded by Nigerien Progressive Party (PPN) co-leader Djibo Bakary when he was expelled from the PPN ... from Hausa areas, which dominated the nascent Nigerien independence movement ...
Media Of Niger - Press Freedom
... and detention of journalists, West African observers generally judge Nigerien press to be independent and lively in attacking the government ... Nigerien journalists say they are often pressured by local authorities ... foreign news services have been restricted, having previously been a staple of Nigerien news coverage ...
Cinema Of Niger - Colonial Beginnings
... Nigerien cinema first appeared in the colonial period ... Jean Rouch, a French ethnographic filmmaker, is generally considered the father of Nigerien film ... a colonialist in 1941, Rouch remained in Niger after independence, and mentored a generation of Nigerien filmmakers and actors, including Damouré Zika and Oumarou Ganda ...
Tuareg Rebellion (2007–2009) - Niger: 2009 Peace Talks - Peace Talks
... On 3 April, a Nigerien delegation headed by the Nigerien Minister of the Interior Albadé Abouba arrived in Tripoli to begin joint meetings with the FPN and MNJ at Sirte ... sending "a strong signal in the direction af a return to peace" On 15 April, the Nigerien government released a positive statement, saying that ... The FPN leadership continued to release positive statements, but they, like the Nigerien government, accused the remaining MNJ leadership of dragging ...

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  • (adj): Of or relating to the people of Nigeria.
    Synonyms: Nigerian