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Media Relationship

The majority of bloggers still rely upon the media for the provision of news stories to comment upon. However, they do not repeat the news, instead putting forward their viewpoint on it. The mainstream media at first was highly critical of bloggers. In January 2007 The New Zealand Herald printed an editorial that stated "ost bloggers – and we're talking 95 per cent – are fly-by-night, gutless wonders who prefer to spit inarticulate venom under inarticulate pseudonyms." Since then though the newspaper has picked up multiple stories first broken on blogs (see below).

Some current and former bloggers have worked in or for the media industry, such as Russell Brown, Keith Ng, Tze Ming Mok and Dave Crampton.

Political scientist Bryce Edwards who maintains the liberation blog has also been a guest columnist for The New Zealand Herald as has Geoffrey Miller of Douglas to Dancing.

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... There have been many notable examples of bloggers breaking news stories and then having the media pick it up ... For instance, Idiot/Savant discovered that neither Rodney Hide nor Heather Roy had been showing up to Parliament and consequently the ACT party had not voted in the 2006 budget debate ...

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