New Politics (magazine)

New Politics is an independent socialist journal founded in 1961 and still published in the United States today. While it is inclusive of articles from a variety of left-of-center positions, the publication leans strongly toward a Third camp, democratic Marxist perspective, placing it typically to the left of the liberal or social democratic views in the journal Dissent, although over the years a number of authors have published in both periodicals.

Julius and Phyllis Jacobson were the founders and longtime co-editors of the journal, which had a political center of gravity reflective of their youthful formative experience in the Independent Socialist League of the 1940s and 1950s. During the Cold War, New Politics espoused the idea that socialism is indissoluble from democracy and freedom and argued strongly against totalitarian Communist states and models of socialism as corruptions of and departures from the socialist ideal. The journal is perhaps best known for having published the seminal article by Hal Draper, "The Two Souls of Socialism," in 1966. It was also the first English-language publication to publish articles by the dissident Polish socialists Jacek Kuroń and Karol Modzelewski.

The first series of New Politics ran from 1961 through 1976, after which it ceased publication for a decade. The journal was restarted in 1986 and has been in print ever since, publishing two issues per year.

The current co-editors are Betty Reid Mandell and Marvin Mandell, and its editorial board members are Sam Bottone, Gertrude Ezorsky, Barry Finger, Thomas Harrison, Michael Hirsch, Micah Landau, Joanne Landy, Dan La Botz, Amy Littlefield, Scott McLemee, Jason Schulman, Stephen R. Shalom, Lois Weiner, Reginald Wilson, and Julia Wrigley.

Contributors have included Stanley Aronowitz, Elaine Bernard, Janet Biehl, Murray Bookchin, Johanna Brenner, Stephen Eric Bronner, Paul Buhle, Eric Chester, Tony Cliff, Noam Chomsky, Hal Draper, Martin Glaberman, Herbert Hill, Staughton Lynd, Sidney Lens, Nelson Lichtenstein, Michael Löwy, Manning Marable, Sean Matgamna, Kim Moody, Christopher Phelps, Adolph Reed, David Roediger, Saskia Sassen, Stephen R. Shalom, Jane Slaughter, Immanuel Wallerstein, Stan Weir, B. J. Widick, Ellen Willis, Sherry Wolf, and Howard Zinn.

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