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Content-addressable Memory - Example Applications
... For example, when a network switch receives a data frame from one of its ports, it updates an internal table with the frame's source MAC address and ... It then looks up the destination MAC address in the table to determine what port the frame needs to be forwarded to, and sends it out on that port ... The MAC address table is usually implemented with a binary CAM so the destination port can be found very quickly, reducing the switch's latency ...
High-availability Cluster - Node Configurations
... The terms logical host or cluster logical host is used to describe the network address which is used to access services provided by the cluster ... It is actually a network address/hostname that is linked with the service(s) provided by the cluster ... goes down, the database will be restarted on another cluster node, and the network address that the users use to access the database will be brought up on the ...
... STUN is a standardized set of methods, including a network protocol, used in NAT traversal for applications of real-time voice, video, messaging, and other interactive IP communications ... Simple Traversal of User Datagram Protocol (UDP) through Network Address Translators (NATs), documented in RFC 3489 ... allows applications operating behind a network address translator (NAT) to discover the presence of the network address translator and to obtain the mapped (public) IP address (NAT address ...
Mask (computing) - Uses of Bitmasks - Inverse Masks
... masks start with 255 and have the large values on the left side for example, IP address with a mask ... binary (0s and 1s), the results determine which address bits are to be considered in processing the traffic ... A 0 indicates that the address bits must be considered (exact match) a 1 in the mask is a "don't care" ...
IP Address Exhaustion - Post-exhaustion Mitigation - Transition Mechanisms
... for providing this IPv4 service over an IPv6 access network ... In ISP-level IPv4 NAT, ISPs may implement IPv4 network address translation within their networks and allocate private IPv4 addresses to customers ... Russia, where many broadband providers use Carrier-grade NAT, and offer publicly routable IPv4 address at an additional cost ...

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