Ne Win

Ne Win (Burmese: ေနဝင်း ; born on 24 May or 14 May 1911 or 10 July 1910 – 5 December 2002) was a Burmese politician and military commander. He was Prime Minister of Burma from 1958 to 1960 and 1962 to 1974 and also head of state from 1962 to 1981. He founded the Burma Socialist Programme Party in 1962 and served as its chairman until 1988.

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Sein Win (Brigadier General) - Biography
... Sein Win was born in Danyingon, Moulmein, Mon State as the son of Thin Myaing and Pwe Kyu ... In 1962, after Ne Win's military coup, he became a member of the Revolutionary Council through which Ne Win ruled Burma ... he became Minister for Construction and Public Work in Ne Win's administration ...
Ne Win - Early Years
... additional citations for verification Ne Win, born Shu Maung (ရှုမောင်), was born into an educated middle class Burmese Chinese family in Paungdale about 200 miles (320 km) north of Rangoon ... Ne Win eventually became "Thakin Shu Maung" or a member of the nationalist organisation Dobama Asiayone (We Burmans Association) ... In 1941 Ne Win, as a member of the Ba Sein-Tun Ok (Socialist) faction of the Dobama, was one of thirty young men chosen for military training by the Japanese ...
Post-independence Burma, 1948–1962
... through the NUF, and in the end U Nu 'invited' Army Chief of Staff General Ne Win to take over the country ... Ne Win's caretaker government successfully stabilised the situation and paved the way for new general elections in 1960 that returned U Nu's Union Party with a large majority ... Ne Win had already succeeded in stripping the Shan Sawbwas of their feudal powers in exchange for comfortable pensions for life in 1959 ...
Sandar Win
... Khin Sandar Win (also spelt Khin Sanda Win Burmese ခင်စန္ဒာဝင်း born 1952 in Rangoon, Burma) is the daughter of deceased Burmese dictator, Ne Win ... Considered Ne Win's favourite daughter, Sandar Win is believed to have been influential throughout the 26 year reign of her father, often acting as a mediator between Ne Win and the ... As Ne Win grew older and his health deteriorated, she took on an increasingly important role ...
Min Ko Naing - 8888 Uprising and The All Burma Federation of Student Unions
... In September 1987, Ne Win voided most denominations of the kyat without warning, causing many people to lose their savings overnight ... Shortly after this, Ne Win's government closed the universities, and the movement went underground ... Ne Win soon agreed to step down from office, and on 7 July, many imprisoned student activists were released ...

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