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Stadial Theory - Sociocultural Evolutionism and The Idea of Progress
... was compared to a biological organism, and social science equivalents of concepts like variation, natural selection, and inheritance were introduced as factors resulting in the progress of societies ... is the unit of analysis that evolves, that evolution takes place through natural selection and that it affects social as well as biological phenomenon ... was mythically conceived and man sought the explanation of natural phenomena from supernatural beings, through metaphysical stage in which nature was conceived of ...
Mythologia - Study of Mythology - 19th-century Theories
... interpreted myth as an attempt at a literal explanation for natural phenomena unable to conceive of impersonal natural laws, early man tried to explain natural phenomena by ... necessary in such languages, were eventually taken literally, leading to the idea that natural phenomena were conscious beings, gods ... of magical rituals which were themselves based on a mistaken idea of natural law ...
Dream Pool Essays - Quotes - Natural Phenomena
... like 'human' fire.i Most people can only judge of things by the experiences of ordinary life, but phenomena outside the scope of this are really quite numerous ... How insecure it is to investigate natural principles using only the light of common knowledge, and subjective ideas ...
Background To The Formation of The Robertson Panel
... that currently unidentified reports were misidentifications of conventional objects or natural phenomena ... restate that on three of the main theories in explanation of these phenomena, - a US development, a Russian development, and space ships - the evidence ... definitely the nature of the various phenomena which are causing these sightings, or to discover means by which these causes and their visual and electronic effects may be immediately identified ...
Grand Erg Oriental - Natural Phenomena
... The Grand Erg Oriental used to be associated with the Wadi Igharghar, a mostly dry and buried river with a sizable network of tributaries which, should it possess any water, would flow north into the erg from the Ahaggar mountains of the central Sahara ... Yet such dry, anciently-made river beds, lying seemingly useless beneath the desert sands, can preserve the infrequent rain water, by carrying it off underground and so rescue the moisture from an otherwise "intense and almost instantaneous" evaporation ...

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    Hence anyone who seeks for the true cause of miracles, and strives to understand natural phenomena as an intelligent being, and not to gaze at them as a fool, is set down and denounced as a impious heretic by those, whom the masses adore as the interpreters of nature and the gods.
    Baruch (Benedict)

    Current illusion is that science has abolished all natural laws.
    Marshall McLuhan (1911–1980)