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Afro-textured Hair - History - The United States - The Rise of Black Pride
... and self-love by the wearing of fairly long, natural hair ... By the 1970s natural hair had evolved into a popular hairstyle ... country music singer Charley Pride, 1981 Over the years, the popularity of natural hair has waxed and waned ...
Hot Roots
... Hot roots is a term used by hair stylists to explain the condition brought about by applying an artificial pigment to the hair, whereby the roots (the sections of the hair follicles closest ... to understand the general nature of the lightening, or "lifting", of natural hair color ... The color of natural hair is determined by the melanin present ...
Afro-textured Hair - Natural Black Hair Styling
... Because of the highly politicized nature of natural black hair in the United States of America, the care and styling of natural black hair has become an enormous industry ... and beauty supply stores that cater solely to clients with natural afro-textured hair ... Blacks in the exchange of styling ideas, techniques, and hair-care procedures ...
List Of Scott Pilgrim Characters - Main Characters - Ramona Flowers
... was mainly being mean when she said Ramona was fat." Her natural hair color is not stated ... O'Malley said "Nobody knows her natural hair color ... occasion, when asked, O'Malley said "i don’t know… brown? How many natural hair colors are there really? she isn’t blonde ...

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    The beautiful uncut hair of graves.
    Walt Whitman (1819–1892)

    The very natural tendency to use terms derived from traditional grammar like verb, noun, adjective, passive voice, in describing languages outside of Indo-European is fraught with grave possibilities of misunderstanding.
    Benjamin Lee Whorf (1897–1934)