Nats or NATS can refer to:

  • Nat (information), a unit of information
  • NATS Holdings, the United Kingdom's main Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP)
  • National Association of Teachers of Singing
  • Naval Air Transport Service
  • Next-Generation Administration and Tracking System, an Affiliate Program backend
  • Nihon Automobile High Technical School
  • Nissan Anti-Theft System
  • North Atlantic Track System
  • North Avenue Trade School
  • Syracuse Nationals, an NBA team currently known as the Philadelphia 76ers
  • Washington Nationals, the current baseball team in Washington, DC
    • Washington Nationals (disambiguation), any of a number of historical baseball teams

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Cis-natural Antisense Transcript - Orientation of Cis-NATs
... Cis-NATs have a variety of orientations and differing lengths of overlap between pairs ... have been five identified orientations for cis-NATs to date ... tail-to-tail orientations are the most common NAT pairs ...
Matthew Hoch
... organizations, most notably the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) and the New York Singing Teachers Association (NYSTA) ... For NATS, he has served two terms as chair of the Professional Development Committee, hosted the 2009 NATS Intern Program at Shorter University, and from 2006–2011 was the host of NATS CHATS, a ... He is an alumnus of the 2006 NATS Intern Program, and received the 2007 NATS Vocal Pedagogy Award ...
Cis-natural Antisense Transcript - Mechanisms
... Molecular mechanisms behind the regulatory role of cis-NATs are not currently well understood ... Three models have been proposed to explain the regulatory effects that cis-NATs have on gene expression ... that base pairing between the cis-NAT and its complementary transcript result in a knockdown of mRNA expression ...
Cis-natural Antisense Transcript
... Natural antisense transcripts (NATs) are a group of RNAs encoded within a cell that have transcript complementarity to other RNA transcripts ... Current evidence has suggested a variety of regulatory roles for NATs, such as RNA interference (RNAi), alternative splicing, genomic imprinting, and X-chromosome inactivation ... NATs are broadly grouped into two categories based on whether they act in cis or in trans ...