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Taiyuan Massacre - The Massacre - Quotations and Other References
... Great credit should be given to the local native Christians, who, with admirable pluck and faithfulness, to say nothing of the danger to themselves, surreptitiously secured the bodies by night and buried them ... Partly on account of this charitable deed two hundred native Christians were put to death five days later (July 14) ... Yamens it is stated that 37 foreigners and 30 native converts were massacred on July 9 but it is not known for certain whether that figure includes children, or only adults ...
Muladi - History
... In the Muslim-ruled parts of the Iberian Peninsula, parts of the indigenous until-then Christian population (basically a mixture of the pre-Roman peoples of the Iberian ... Many Christians converted to Islam to avoid the Jizya tax which they were subjected to as Dhimmis ... Conversion to Islam also opened up new horizons to the native Christians, alleviated their social position, ensured better living conditions, and broadened their scope for ...

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    We are no longer Christians: we have outgrown Christianity not because we have been too remote from it but rather because we have been too close—it is precisely our more stringent and more fastidious piety that forbids us to remain Christians nowadays.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    At length they all to merry London came,
    To merry London, my most kindly nurse,
    That to me gave this life’s first native source;
    Though from another place I take my name,
    An house of ancient fame.
    Edmund Spenser (1552?–1599)