National Day Parade

National Day Parade

The Singapore National Day Parade (Abbreviation: NDP, simplified Chinese: 国庆庆典; traditional Chinese: 國慶慶典; pinyin: guóqìng qìngdiǎn, Malay: Perbarisan Hari Kebangsaan, Tamil: தேசிய தின அணிவகுப்பு) is a national ceremony in Singapore that, as its name implies, includes a parade on Singapore's National Day on August 9, in commemoration of Singapore's independence that is usually held at the Padang (1966–1974), the National Stadium, various decentalized venues all over Singapore or The Float@Marina Bay. The upcoming parade, National Day Parade, 2013, will be held at The Float@Marina Bay.

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National Day (Singapore) - National Day Parade
... The Singapore National Day Parade is a national ceremony that is usually held at the National Stadium or the Padang ... For the first time in 2007, it was held at Marina Bay in lieu of the National Stadium, and this arrangement is expected to be maintained until the new sports hub is opened in ...
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List Of Singaporean Patriotic Songs - Types of Songs
... songs, mostly in English, that were composed specifically for national events – particularly the National Day Parade held annually on 9 August – and for use in schools ... Each year since 1985, the National Day Parade Executive Committee has designated one such song as a National Day Parade theme song ... on radio and television starting from a month before National Day, and is given prominence during the Parade itself ...
National Day Parade, 2009 - See Also
... National Day Parade National Day Rally Singapore Fireworks Celebrations. ...
Tony Tan - 2011 Presidential Election - Officiating His First Ever National Day Parade As President
... of 9 August 2012 at around 530 pm, Tan arrived at the National Day Parade located at Marina Bay Floating Stadium, escorted by the ceremonial guards ... upon his arrival as it was first ever National Day Parade he was officiating ...

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