Nana Osaki

Nana Osaki (大崎 ナナ, Ōsaki Nana?) is a fictional character in the manga/anime series Nana, by Ai Yazawa. She is the titular "Nana" of the series, along with Nana Komatsu. To disambiguate between the girls, the English-language publisher of the manga, VIZ Media, uses Nana O. to refer to Nana Osaki.

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List Of Nana Characters - Others
... by Kenji Hamada Owner to a cheap vintage furniture and clothing store near both Nana's apartment in Tokyo ... Miyuki Osaki (大崎美雪, Osaki Miyuki?) Nana Osaki's maternal grandmother, the owner of a small shop who adopted and raised Nana after she was abandoned by ... Nana and Miyuki's relationship did not seem particularly good and she was hard on Nana, though Miyuki's relationship with her own daughter did not seem to be much better ...
Nana Osaki - Miscellaneous
... the singer/actress who portrayed Nana in the live-action movies, is also Vivienne Westwood ... Reira/Layla (Reira Serizawa), which is ironic, considering that in the manga series, Nana actually dreaded having Reira/Layla around, as she felt that Reira/Layla was too cute for her ... For her portrayal of Nana in the anime, Romi Park won the "Best Main Character (female)" award at the first Seiyu Awards ...