MWD may refer to:

  • Matte World Digital, an American visual effects company
  • Measurement while drilling, a procedure used in oil well drilling
  • Megawatt-day (MWd or MW·d), a measure of electric energy; see kilowatt hour
  • Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, a bulk water supplier in California, USA
  • Mianwali Airbase (IATA airport code), located at Mianwali, Punjab, Pakistan
  • Military working dog, a dog trained for war
  • Ministry of Women Development, one of the ministries of Pakistan
  • Molecular weight distribution, a property of a polymer
  • Murakami-Wolf-Dublin, a former name of Fred Wolf Films Dublin
  • Myawaddy TV, a Myanmar television network

Other articles related to "mwd":

Matte World Digital - Digital Innovations
... MWD was the first visual-effects company to apply radiosity rendering to film in Martin Scorsese’s Casino (1995) ... For David Fincher’s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, one of MWD’s challenges was to create 29 digital matte paintings of a New Orleans train station and its various looks throughout time new, run ... Then the team at MWD used a flight simulator to determine aerial views at a lower height ...
Matte World Digital - Awards
... Sciences and BAFTA Awards for achievement in visual effects for MWD's work in David Fincher’s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button ... by the Academy and BAFTA for shots created at MWD for Batman Returns (1992) and The Truman Show (1998) ... Barron, along with MWD team members, Michael Pangrazio, Charlie Mullin and Bill Mather, won an Emmy for outstanding visual effects for By Dawn's Early Light in 1990 ...
Measurement While Drilling
... MWD stands for Measurement While Drilling in the oil gas industry ... The simplest way to describe MWD is to relate it to the measurements a pilot takes ... MWD provides this information ...
Lake Mathews - Controversy Over Recreational Use
... The MWD has always been concerned about water quality and prohibits body contact sports like swimming in its other nearby reservoirs that are open for ... cause significant impairment to water quality and dispute MWD claims ... After their idea was rejected by the MWD Board, the movie’s producers reportedly constructed a lagoon and volcano on a studio backlot ...
Gearhart - MWD
... concentrating on a new technology called Measure While Drilling (MWD) ... MWD was what made controlled directional horizontal drilling possible ... MWD saved time and money over the traditional methods of wireline logging by eliminating the wireline ...