MW DX, short for mediumwave DXing, is the hobby of receiving the reception of distant mediumwave (known as AM in North America) radio stations. MW DX is similar to TV and FM DX in that broadcast band (BCB) stations are the reception targets. However, the nature of the lower frequencies (520 - 1710 kHz) used by mediumwave radio stations is very much different from that of the VHF and UHF bands used by FM and TV broadcast stations, and therefore involves different receiving equipment, signal propagation, and reception techniques.

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MW DX - Equipment
... While any radio covering the mediumwave (AM radio) band can be used for DX purposes, serious DXers generally invest in a higher-quality receiver, and often a specialised ... In order to cancel out reception of unwanted stations, some DX listeners employ elaborate phased arrays of multiple Beverage antennas ... Tape recorders or other recording devices can be used to archive memorable DX moments, or identify hard-to-hear station receptions after the fact ...