MTV Networks Europe - MTV's Local Offices - MTV Structural Changes (2009-present)

MTV Structural Changes (2009-present)

  • Baltic's Ceases Operations

MTV Networks Baltic a division of MTV Networks Europe has ceased the broadcasting of its local language feeds within the region with immediate effect. MTV Latvia and MTV Lithuania ceased operating as individual channels in January 2009 and replaced with MTV Lithuania and Latvia. As of 18 November 2009 both MTV Estonia and MTV Lithuania and Latvia have ceased operating. Both channels have been replaced by MTV Europe for the time being. MTV Networks International are to announce the future of MTV Estonia as a brand, while MTV Lithuania and Latvia will no-longer exist as a brand. MTV in the Baltic Region has been somewhat problematic, after a number of years under MTV Networks International (Europe), MTVNI established a licensing agreement with Ananey Communications in 2008 to continue to broadcast MTV Baltic's channels. With the global recession, advertising and sponsorship within the region became limited. Resulting in the closure of MTV Lithuania and replaced with MTV Latvia and Lithuania. Further financial difficulties resulted in the "temporary" closure of MTV Estonia and MTV Latvia and Lithuania.

  • MTV Networks closes TMF in the Netherlands

On November 4, 2010 MTV Networks International offices in Amsterdam confirmed that from January 1, 2011 that TMF in the Netherlands broadcasting hours would be reduced until 15:00 each day. From April 4, 2011 TMF was gradually replaced by Kindernet and where the channel was only available online from the former website. On September 1, 2011 TMF in the Netherlands ceased broadcasting. TMF Nederland was the original channel before launching local channels in Belgium, UK and Australia. These local channels have been replaced with different channels. TMF's digital channels in the Netherlands TMF Live and TMF NL also ceased broadcasting. TMF Flanders in Belgium currently broadcasts as the only TMF channel.

  • MTV restructures broadcasting in Northern Europe

On September 16, 2011 it was confirmed by Viacom International Media Networks its operations in the Nordic countries, Benelux region and Germany would operate under Viacom International Media Networks Northern Europe. VIMN Northern Europe operates from its central offices in Amsterdam, Stockholm and Berlin. Resulting in job losses at its offices from MTV Networks Benelux in Belgium and the Netherlands. The re-alignment will see all music progamming come from its operations in Stockholm. Its Swedish offices operate local channels such as MTV and VH1 within VIMN Northern European's portfolio of music channels. All kids and family programming operates from Berlin these include localized versions of Nickelodeon, Nick Jr. and Kindernet. Whilst all the localized Comedy Central channels will be operated from Amsterdam. VIMN North European's portfolio includes the following territories: Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. MTV's Amsterdam offices will remain open and will act as the technical play-out hub for the channels.

  • Closure of MTV Russia, MTV Ukraine and falling ratings

In December 2012, both Viacom International Media Networks and ProfMedia announced the closure of MTV Russia. Prof Media who purchased MTV Russia from VIMN in 2007, claimed the MTV brand is no-longer relevant in the territory and will be replaced by a more youth orientated general entertainment brand called 'Friday' on June 1, 2013. MTV Russia is one of the most widely distributed channels in the Russian Federation and was previously rated the most watched channel in the territory. Today, the channel has been relegated to the Top 20 channels in Russia. VIMN stated its commitment to the region stating its other MTV channels and brands such as VH1, Nickelodeon and the newly localized Comedy Central will continue to broadcast across Russia on cable and digital television providers. It has also been stated in some reports that MTV as a brand is in crisis in other Eastern European territories with falling ratings for MTV Poland and other local MTV channels in Central Eastern Europe. This is an on-going trend for MTV globally, it was reported in fall 2012 that MTV US and its other channels have seen a fall in revenue and audience figures. Even though competition from on-demand music websites, MTV's transformation from music orientated television to youth orientated reality and scripted reality shows has failed to ignite the brand. On May 31, 2013 MTV Ukraine ceased broadcasting due to falling ratings.

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