Moses Mendelssohn

Moses Mendelssohn (6 September 1729 – 4 January 1786) was a German Jewish philosopher to whose ideas the Haskalah (the 'Jewish enlightenment' of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries) is indebted. Although himself a practicing orthodox Jew, he has been referred to as the father of Reform Judaism.

Born to a poor Jewish family in Dessau and originally destined for a rabbinical career, Mendelssohn educated himself in German thought and literature and from his writings on philosophy and religion came to be regarded as a leading cultural figure of his time by both Germans and Jews. He also established himself as an important figure in the Berlin textile industry, which was the foundation of his family's wealth.

Moses Mendelssohn's descendants include the composers Fanny and Felix Mendelssohn and the founders of the Mendelssohn & Co. banking house.

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... Moses Mendelssohn thought that the Middle Ages, which could take from the Jews neither their faith nor their past intellectual achievements, had yet ... in consequence separated them from their educated fellow citizens was bridged by Mendelssohn's translation of the Torah into German ... Mendelssohn lived to see the first fruits of his endeavors ...
Isaac Abraham Euchel
... Whether, as some say, he acquired a fine Hebrew style from Moses Mendelssohn and Naphtali Wessely, or was self-taught – he became one of the foremost hebraists of his time ... present-day scholars, was his biography of Moses Mendelssohn, which appeared first in installements in 1788 ... valuable factual research but used it to introduce Mendelssohn's philosophy and ideas (published mainly in German) to the Hebrew-reading public ...
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... He was the author of the following works Moses Mendelssohn's Philosophische und Religiöse Grundsätze mit Hinblick auf Lessing, Leipsic, 1856 ... Moses Mendelssohn ... enlarged and revised, bears the title "Moses Mendelssohn ...
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... particularly the work of the iconoclastic Jewish philosopher Moses Mendelssohn ... Among his goals in undertaking his work on Mendelssohn were the restoration to this important Jewish figure his rightful recognition as an original ... Moses Mendelssohn's Fruehschriften zur Metaphysik, Mohr (Tuebingen, Germany), 1969 ...
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... See also Mendelssohn family Mendelssohn had six children, of whom only his second-oldest daughter, Recha, and his eldest son, Joseph, retained the Jewish faith ... His sons were Joseph (founder of the Mendelssohn banking house, and a friend and benefactor of Alexander von Humboldt), Abraham (who married Lea Salomon and was the father of Fanny and Felix ... Joseph Mendelssohn's son Alexander (d ...

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