Modeling Agency

A modeling agency is a company that represents model, to work for the modelling industry. These agencies earn their income via commission.

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Tik Tik Tik - Plot
... Sarika is a model who returns to Chennai after a modeling stint abroad ... She is received by the modeling agency and is soon drugged and operated upon ... had in common, apart from him, was the modeling agency ...
List Of Wandering Son Chapters - Volume List
... "Minna no Uta"?) Maho and Shuichi are hired by a modeling agency after Maho says during the audition that if she is chosen, then her brother has to be too ... At the modeling agency, some girls dress Shuichi in girl's clothing, and another model, Anna Suehiro, thinks he is a freak for enjoying it ... At the modeling agency, Maho tries to stand up for her brother but it backfires slightly, which causes Shuichi to speak up against the other models ...
Never Give Up! - Characters
... Kiri enters the world of fashion modeling secretly as a boy under the pseudonym, Tatsuki (タツキ?), to watch over and protect Tohya from people who would ... He enters the world of fashion modeling when a client of the Minase Modeling Agency becomes infatuated with a photo of him ... Satsuki Minase (水無瀬 幸希, Minase Satsuki?) Kiri's mother is the owner of her own modeling agency, the Minase Modeling Agency ...
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... Miami Fashion Management - Milan Select Model Management - Londres Models 1 Agency - Londres Nathalie Models - Paris Viva Models - Paris Success Model Management - Paris WS2M World Scouting Model Management - Paris ...

Famous quotes containing the words agency and/or modeling:

    It is possible that the telephone has been responsible for more business inefficiency than any other agency except laudanum.... In the old days when you wanted to get in touch with a man you wrote a note, sprinkled it with sand, and gave it to a man on horseback. It probably was delivered within half an hour, depending on how big a lunch the horse had had. But in these busy days of rush-rush-rush, it is sometimes a week before you can catch your man on the telephone.
    Robert Benchley (1889–1945)

    The computer takes up where psychoanalysis left off. It takes the ideas of a decentered self and makes it more concrete by modeling mind as a multiprocessing machine.
    Sherry Turkle (b. 1948)