MMC may stand for:

In business:

  • Media Corp., a US digital media company
  • Marsh & McLennan Companies, a US-based global professional services firm
  • Material Móvil y Construcciones (MMC)
  • MMC Corporation Berhad, a Malaysian investment holding company
  • Monopolies and Mergers Commission, the former name of the British Competition Commission
  • My Major Company UK, a fan-funded music label based in the United Kingdom and France

In computing:

  • Memory Management Controller, a special series of microprocessors designed to expand the capabilities of certain games for the Nintendo Entertainment System.
  • Microsoft Management Console, a framework for system administration tools in modern Microsoft Windows operating systems
  • MIDI Machine Control, part of the MIDI specification
  • Mobile to mobile convergence, is a technology used to handle wireless traffic in telephony and computer networks
  • MultiMediaCard, a solid state disk or flash memory data storage device
  • MultiMedia Commands, a multimedia command set for computer storage buses

In education:

  • Marymount Manhattan College, a liberal arts college located in Manhattan, USA
  • Miles Macdonell Collegiate, a high school in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Regarding hospitals and medical colleges:

  • Madras Medical College, a medical college in Madras, India
  • Maine Medical Center, a hospital in Portland, Maine, USA
  • Meharry Medical College, a medical college in North Nashville, Tennessee, USA
  • MetroWest Medical Center, a teaching hospital in Framingham, Massachusetts, USA
  • Monash Medical Centre, a major tertiary hospital in Clayton, Victoria, Australia
  • Montefiore Medical Center, a hospital in the Bronx, New York, USA
  • Muhammad Medical College, a medical college in Mirpurkhas, Sindh, Pakistan
  • Mymensingh Medical College, a medical college in Mymensingh, Bangladesh

In medicine:

  • Mitomycin C, a DNA crosslinker used in cancer treatment as an anti-tumour antibiotic chemotherapeutic agent
  • Migrating Motor Complex, cleaning reflex of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Modernising Medical Careers, covering the changes to post-graduate medical training in the United Kingdom
  • The Marine Mammal Center, a premier institution for marine mammal research and medicine
  • Myelomeningocele, a kind of Spina bifida congenital defect of the spine.
  • Medical Male Circumcision

In transport:

  • Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, a Japanese automobile company
  • Moore Market Complex, a terminus in Chennai, India
  • Morris Motors LImited, a former British car manufacturing company

In other usages:

  • Member of the Magic Circle, initials used after one's name to denote membership to The Magic Circle
  • Manang Marsyangdi Club, a leading football club in Nepal
  • Maximum Material Condition, Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing
  • Member of Municipal Council, a member of municipal councils in Sri Lanka
  • Merchant Mariner Credential, a professional qualification document for those in the maritime industry
  • Metal matrix composite, a type of composite material with at least two constituent parts, one being a metal
  • 4-MMC (4-Methylmethcathinone), a stimulant drug
  • Mickey Mouse Club, a long-running American variety television series
  • Mini Magellanic Cloud, a separated section of the Small Magellanic Cloud galaxy
  • The Roman numerals for 2100
  • Moving Micro Cross, a cartridge type developed by Bang & Olufsen
  • Multi-member constituency, part of an election system.
  • Museum Management and Curatorship, a journal

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... The MMC is in the format of a traditional Passport book ... The MMC has twenty pages, exclusive of the front and back covers, sequentially numbered like the visa pages of a passport ... The MMC is not a passport, but it is a Seafarer's Identity Document and the format of the data page complies with the ICAO Machine Readable Travel Documents specifications for Machine-read ...
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3.2×) f/2.8–5.1 2.0" 86,000 SD, SDHC, MMC 106 × 52 × 165 ... A460 March 2007 38–152 mm (4.0×) f/2.8–5.8 A470 January 2008 7.1 MP 3072 × 2304 1/2.5" CCD 38–132 mm (3.4×) f/3.0–5.8 DIGIC III 2.5" 115,00 ... DIGIC II 2.0" vari-angle 115,000 SD, MMC 105 × 66 × 235 ... Replaced A95 A620 7.1 MP 3072 × 2304 1/1.8" CCD A630 September 2006 8.0 MP 3264 × 2448 1/1.8" CCD 2.5" vari-angle 115,000 SD, SDHC, MMC 109 × 66. 2112 1/2.5" CCD 35–210 mm (6×) f/2.8–4.8 DIGIC II 2.5" 115,000 SD, MMC 95 × 67 × 200 ... Smaller, lighter body Replaced A85 A710 IS September ...